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Beautifully Chaste Hair Care
Enhance your glory with Beautifully Chaste Hair Care Products!
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Glory Enhancer - Scalp Balm
Promotes Hair Growth, Relieves Dry Scalp Issues, Apply to Scalp Only
Price:$15.00 (includes tax & shipping)
Grow with Me...Nourish with Me...Track My Progress each month...Show us Your Progress...
Welcome to the place where it's Beautiful to be Chaste!
January, 2017 (after cut)
May, 2015
April, 2016
January, 2017 (before cut)
Grow with Me...Nourish with Me...Show us Your Progress...
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**********PLEASE NOTE: All Sales are FINAL***********
PLEASE READ THE PRODUCT LABELS (click on the photos to enlarge). We are confident that you will love our products! However, by purchasing these products, you agree that neither Beautifully Chaste, LLC nor its representatives can be held liable for any negative incurrences before, during, or after use.
February, 2017 
wet hair (caught in the rain)
March, 2017 
Beard Balm
Intensive Care
Price: $12.00 (includes tax & shipping)
Stimulates Hair Follicles, Locks in Moisture, Apply to Scalp for growth, Apply to Hair for Moisture & Shine 
Price: $20.00 (includes tax & shipping)
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First Application
After 2 weeks of daily appications
After 4 weeks of daily applications
Scalp Balm Results on left
Intensive Care Results on right
April, 2017
May, 2017
Photo was taken on a hot & humid day...Transitioning Hair+Humidity=Big Hair!
June, 2017
Photo was taken on a less humid day after the "rattail-like" hair was cut off.
July, 2017
       August, 2017
***Time to start over***
September, 2017
   October, 2017
   November, 2017
   December, 2017